Improve Sexual Intimacy With These 12 Super Simple Tips Guaranteed to Restore Sexual Intimacy

Are you looking for ways to improve sexual intimacy with your spouse? Is the shortage of sex destroying your marriage? Are you wondering how to keep the situation from culminating to a divorce?

In my experience, little issues in a marriage are greatly amplified when there is no sexual gratification.Lack of sexual fulfillment can easily lead to marital deterioration and even divorce, if not promptly addressed.

Fixing a sexless marriage can be difficult, but there are some super simple ways that can bring back gusto and restore sexual passion. Since marital satisfaction is directly related to sexual romance, you have to take great measures to ensure that your lack of sexual gratification does not get out of control and destroy your marriage. Here are some great ways to keep your sexual life fired up.

1. Have a frank discussion about sex. As embarrassing and difficult as this may sound, it is nevertheless very important to be open to each other about your sexual desires. Letting your partner know what turns you on will enable him/her to do more of that hence making sure that you get the pleasure you desire. A much better alternative to keeping them guessing, if you ask me. Talking about your sexual lives will also improve your communication and makes you feel closer to each other.

2. Make foreplay a priority. This will ensure that the woman is well lubricated before the actual love-making. When she is dry, she may feel pain during penetration and thus be turned off to sex. Using lubricants will help make the experience more pleasurable for her.

3. Wear sexy lingerie. Do the best you can to look sexy and appealing to your spouse. Give him a pleasant surprise as he discovers the pretty underwear when he undresses you.

4. Decorate your bedroom in ways that will enhance your romance. You can add great variety to your sex life in simple ways. Using scented candles, rose petals on the bed, colored lights, soft music will change the mood and add ambiance and surprise to your sex life.

5. Boost the quality of your sex life by kissing intensely and frequently daily. Kissing is a way to show your spouse you love them and arouse feelings of intimacy for you. It also makes the woman feel closer to her spouse.

7. Touch your spouse passionately. Both sexual and non-sexual touching are important in marriage. Non sexual touching shows your spouse you care about them and are not solely interested in sex.

8. Be spontaneous. A change from the norm every now and then is pleasant. My husband usually surprises me with a passionate kiss while I am in the kitchen trying to make dinner. Of course, I leave the dinner half way and go for a quickie. This is always a sweet surprise because it’s a break from our daily routine and simple adds more zest to our marriage.

9. Change positions and routine. Try something new. Avoid being stuck in the rut with the same old positions each day. Try oral sex, use gadgets and try other positions but it’s a bad idea to use porn to improve sex.

10. Entice your spouse with words of love and admiration. Verbally expressing love makes your spouse feel special and important to you. When a woman feels loved she easily responds positively to he husband’s sexual advances.

11. Practice good hygiene daily. Take time to look good, dress well, smell good, make up, etc to keep your spouse attracted to you.

12. Love and value your spouse. Have you ever heard your spouse say ” all you want me for is sex?” This is because they don’t feel they are important to you. Feeling unloved and undervalued may make a person totally repulsive to sexual intimacy as they may feel that you are only interested in them for sex but you are not really caring towards them.

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